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Bitcoin Prints New ATH! $70k Next?



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Bitcoin Prints New ATH! $70k Next?
Bitcoin 1-hour chart showing BTC at new ATH

The Bitcoin bulls are unrelenting in their drive to make Bitcoin one of the best-performing assets of the decade. The price of the cryptocurrency has been surging all through this year, breaking through all resistance and recently making new ATH!

However, the big question most traders are asking is

what next for the Bitcoin price?

Trading At New Levels

The Bitcoin price is currently trading at price levels it has never reached since its creation. This means we have little to no price history to work with and better understand the price resistance that might come into play in the coming days.

However, the $58,274 previous high is now key support we are watching very closely. If Bitcoin continues to trade above this support level, then we can expect to see the bulls continue to dominate the crypto market and push Bitcoin higher to the $70k price region.

Bitcoin Prints New ATH! $70k Next?
Bullish price prediction for Bitcoin on the 1-hour timeframe

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Bearish Outlook

Bearish outlook for Bitcoin on the 1-hour timeframe

While we are remaining very optimistic that Bitcoin will continue to surge higher, it is also very important to take a closer look at the bearish scenario for Bitcoin. And right now, Bitcoin has been surging higher for a while and we might just be at the top before a major retracement kicks in.

The $58,274 support is still the key level to watch. A break of this support could signify a growing weakness in the Bitcoin price.

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We also created a video below where we talked more in-depth about the patterns developing on the Bitcoin and Altcoin chat as well as key fundamental factors that might affect the Bitcoin price in the coming days.

To gain more information on how to partake in this coming Bitcoin Bull run and trade this cryptocurrency, you can read my How To Trade Bitcoin Guide. You can also check my top list of Best Bitcoin Exchanges To Trade With


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