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Bitcoin Briefly Touches $64k After Sideways Weekend, Causing Liquidations



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  • Bitcoin shocked the market with a brief spike back up to $64,000, followed by a correction and substantial liquidations.
  • The sudden price swings underscore the volatility of cryptocurrencies, even during periods of relative stability.
  • Analysts are divided on whether the correction signals consolidation or potential pullbacks as BTC hovers near all-time highs.

After a period of relative stability over the weekend, Bitcoin (BTC) surprised the market with a sudden surge to $64,000 in the early hours of Monday, March 4th. This spike was followed by a rapid correction, highlighting the volatility of the cryptocurrency market and leaving a trail of liquidated positions in its wake.


All told, there were a total of more than $700M in liquidations for all digital assets over the last 24 hours – which means a lot of leveraged futures trading positions got taken out – according to data from CoinGlass. In this situation, it happened due to the sudden nature of the price drop, which is not at all unprecedented in the wild market of crypto.

Market Reactions

The sudden price action on Monday hints at a continued bull-bear battle. Some analysts view the correction as a healthy consolidation after a rapid ascent, while others have cautioned about potential pullbacks given Bitcoin’s recent overheated gains.

In case you missed it, last week’s dramatic rally propelled Bitcoin from below $60,000 to as close to the ATH as it can get right now. The weekend saw BTC trade mostly sideways within a range between $61,000 and $63,000. As for the unexpected Monday spike, it triggered significant liquidations for over-leveraged traders, demonstrating the inherent risks within the crypto market.

Key Factors to Watch

There are still several developments that could influence Bitcoin’s near-term trajectory. These include the macroeconomic climate, as the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and broader economic indicators could affect investor risk appetite, among other things, and the state of institutional interest, as continued institutional adoption of Bitcoin, potentially spurred by ETF approvals, remains a key factor supporting long-term price growth.

In any case, traders should be prepared for ongoing volatility while observing the key factors that may shape the next major price move. The overall bullish sentiment remains, with experts keeping an eye on potential new all-time highs across crypto exchanges as 2024 progresses.

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