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Bitcoin Price Predicted to Hit Higher Targets from $76k Through to $138k



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Analyzing Bitcoin’s Potential Surge: Indicators and Patterns

  • Crypto analyst Josh Olszewicz identifies a bullish inverse head and shoulders pattern on Bitcoin’s chart, predicting a potential rise to $76,000.
  • Increasing inflows into Bitcoin ETFs and bullish technical indicators suggest a possible surge beyond $90,000.
  • Ethereum also shows bullish trends, with network upgrades and potential U.S. Ether ETF approvals hinting at a retest of its all-time high.

The recent price swings in Bitcoin have prompted discussions about its future value. A crypto analyst, Josh Olszewicz, identified a key pattern on the Bitcoin price chart. With Bitcoin currently priced above the $71,000 level, these observations suggest notable price changes might be imminent.

Olszewicz’s insights, focusing on this particular pattern, are drawing attention in the crypto community. As Bitcoin stands at this price level, the market keenly observes these developments, poised for potential significant movements soon.

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Bitcoin’s Bullish Pattern: A Climb to $76,000?

Olszewicz identified an inverse head and shoulders (iH&S) pattern on the Bitcoin 1-hour chart, a bullish reversal signal suggesting an upward price movement. He considers the pattern tradeable despite minor imperfections. The pattern consists of three troughs, with the middle “head” at $59,000 being the lowest, and two “shoulders” at roughly $65,000 and $65,700.

Bitcoin is currently trading just below the pattern’s neckline, a key level. A breakout above this neckline would validate the bullish signal. Based on Fibonacci extension levels, Olszewicz anticipates potential price targets between $73,000 and $76,000.

Beyond $90,000: ETF Inflows and Technical Indicators

BTC’s potential for a significant rally extends beyond the $76,000 mark. Increasing inflows into Bitcoin ETFs, along with supportive technical and on-chain indicators, suggest a possible climb above $90,000. The recent pattern resembles a bull pennant (a bullish continuation pattern), indicating a potential next price target of around $92,500.

The rise in Bitcoin ETF inflows, particularly in the U.S., fuels this optimistic outlook. As of March 7, these ETFs hold over $53 billion in reserves – a doubling from their January inception. Higher ETF inflows reflect growing investor interest, often driving increased demand for Bitcoin.

Furthermore, the current Bitcoin price action mirrors the 2020 breakout, hinting at further potential gains. Similarities in the price consolidation phases around all-time highs in both periods.

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Ethereum’s Upward Trajectory: Preparing for New Peaks

In parallel, Ethereum (ETH) also exhibits bullish signs. Trading above $3,900, Ethereum’s network continues to dominate the world of decentralized smart contracts, boasting a significant total value locked. Anticipation surrounding upcoming network upgrades and the potential for U.S.-based Ether ETFs further strengthens Ethereum’s bullish outlook.

A decisive break in the ETH/BTC pair could trigger a 25% surge in Ethereum’s price, potentially allowing it to retest its all-time high in the coming weeks. As the crypto market eagerly awaits new developments, these analyses offer a compelling perspective on the trajectories of both Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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