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Bitcoin Price Flash Crashed to Less than $9k on BitMEX



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  • A massive sell-off triggered a flash crash on BitMEX, pushing Bitcoin’s price briefly below $8,900.
  • The crash appears to be caused by a single user selling nearly 1,000 BTC over several hours.
  • BitMEX temporarily disabled withdrawals, citing a “spot issue” and assuring users that funds are safe.

The typically volatile Bitcoin market experienced a rather significant jolt today as the price of BTC briefly plummeted to under $8,900 on the BitMEX crypto exchange. This flash crash was triggered by a colossal sell-off, highlighting the potential impact of large trades on the overall market.


What Caused the BTC Price Crash?

The full details are still unavailable, but multiple reports indicate that a single user may have initiated the flash crash by market selling almost 1,000 BTC over approximately 3.5 hours. The initial sale of over 400 BTC alone is estimated to have resulted in a loss of approximately $4 million for the seller after triggering the biggest dump in BTC price. This aggressive selling pressure caused a cascade effect, leading to a swift and dramatic price decline to a daily (and yearly) low of $8,900.

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As you might have guessed, the incident sent shockwaves through the broader crypto market. Though Bitcoin has recovered to around $64,900, the flash crash highlights the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies. Altcoins weren’t safe from the dump, with the likes of ETH, BNB, and even SOL registering significant drawbacks alongside BTC.

Large, sudden trades such as the one made by the unidentified BitMEX user can most certainly trigger significant price swings, particularly on exchanges with lower liquidity. To that end, BitMEX has acted swiftly and issued a response over its official channels.

BitMEX Response to the Incident

BitMEX acknowledged the incident in a post on its official X (formerly known as Twitter) account, identifying it as a “spot issue” and taking the precautionary measure of temporarily disabling withdrawals for its users. The exchange also reassured users that funds remained safe and that the incident does not affect its derivatives markets or the index price for its popular XBT contracts.

The flash crash on BitMEX serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with crypto trading. This incident is likely to be scrutinized by market analysts and regulators as they assess the stability and resilience of crypto exchanges. As the crypto industry matures, addressing such risks and building robust safeguards will be crucial for its long-term success.

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