Bitcoin Payments to be Accepted by Spanish Medical Group. Should You Start Investing in Bitcoin?

12:31 pm, Wed, 5 May 21

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The Spanish healthcare group has announced that it will start accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment in the upcoming months. Biziondo is a medical group that specializes in spinal health. The group has decided to accept crypto payments as a result of the revolution that will soon be brought about by Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Biziondo’s initiative can be a gateway for cryptocurrencies to make their way into the world of medicine as a form of payment. As the use of Bitcoin is recognized more and more, people who intend to invest in Bitcoin can use SwissBorg or Kraken to invest in the cryptocurrency.

Why Biziondo Plans to Accept Bitcoin as a Form of Payment?

David Izquierdo, the general manager of Biziondo, stated:

It is clear that the Bitcoin revolution has already started in an economic context in which, in 2020, 60% of the world’s money was printed by European, United States, and Japanese central banks. This will inevitably bring about a financial disaster in approximately two to five years,”

According to the general manager there are several benefits of accepting Bitcoin payments:

  • It is a great opportunity for both the clients and entrepreneur.
  • Using Bitcoin as a form of payment can facilitate payments without bank intermediation.
  • The initiative to accept cryptocurrencies will also eliminate the possibility of commissions and offer a more secure and transparent way of making payments.

David Izquierdo also stated:

In the field of private medicine, a new philosophy is promoted in which citizens have the power to regulate ourselves autonomously. After studying this technology for hundreds of hours, I have personally decided to add blockchain technology and digital currencies to the company.”

“We believe in a global world that surpasses currency, languages, homelands, and religions, where there are resources for all and happiness — and not money — is the priority, the objective of all citizens of the world.”

The Spanish medical group specializes in spinal care and has branches in Madrid, Málaga, Bilbao, Lorca and San Sebastián. According to Biziondo’s plans, Bitcoin payments will be accepted from June 1st, 2021 at the locations mentioned above.

Could This Be a Good Opportunity to Invest in Bitcoin?

Using crypto payments for medical assistance can be very convenient for the clients. This can divert the attention of other medical institutes and organizations towards the cryptocurrency industry, which can boost the use of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Bitcoin and other altcoins are getting more and more attention as various organizations start to recognize their full potential. This can indicate the use of digital currencies on a much larger scale in future, which is why interested parties should now consider investing in Bitcoin. Buying, selling or trading Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies can seem challenging and intimidating for beginners. Therefore, people who are interested in Bitcoin should use an exchange such as ByBit, where they can buy and trade Bitcoin. On the other hand, inexperienced traders who do not have enough time on their hands can use PrimeXBT Covesting, for secure copy-trading.