Bitcoin or Ethereum? Which is Likely to Come Out on Top?

10:36 am, Fri, 18 June 21

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The competition between Bitcoin and Ethereum is not news to people who have been in the crypto space for quite some time. Bitcoin is the largest crypto asset in the world, followed by Ethereum that stands in second place.

Even though the price difference between both digital assets is quite a lot, many ETH enthusiasts have always been optimistic of a time where ETH will outperform BTC. Both the crypto assets have the attention of most of the crypto investors and traders in the world, but could ETH outperform the largest digital asset?

Bitcoin currently stands at $37,839 (at the time of writing), whereas, the Ethereum price is $2,337 (at the time of writing). Therefore, if you want to purchase either of these you can use secure exchanges such as SwissBorg or Kraken. You can also start crypto trading, in which case PrimeXBT Covesting is one of the best exchanges for beginners.

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Opinion of Cardano’s Creator on BTC and ETH Competition

Bitcoin and Ethereum both have been beneficial for investors and traders. Both BTC and ETH Whales were recently reported to accumulate digital assets in large amounts.

However, Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano is of the opinion that ETH could outrun BTC in the future. The ADA creator claims that Bitcoin is not the best competitor for Ethereum and would probably not come out on top, should the two digital assets go head-to-head.

Hoskinson recently shared his views with AI researcher Lex Fridman and stated that BTC is a fantastic first-generation product but it might become old as compared to other crypto assets, especially the new ones.

Hoskinson also said that the mainframe programming of BTC is slow and from the past, which is why BTC might not stand in competition against ETH for very long.

He also highlighted the solid points of ETH and stated that the Ethereum community likes to evolve and upgrade. According to Hoskinson, Ethereum could outperform Bitcoin if he analyses the technical aspects of both networks.

However, Bitcoin is the top cryptocurrency in the world based on several facts as it is part of a more complex game.

Therefore, if you have been planning to invest in crypto and you opt for BTC, you can use trustworthy Bitcoin exchange sites such as SwissBorg exchange or Kraken exchange to purchase it.

What Potential BTC and ETH Investors Should Know?

Bitcoin and Ethereum are at the top of the crypto market due to several reasons, especially the increasing prominence and growth of both networks. Bitcoin is the most popular crypto asset in the world and influences the crypto market to a great extent.

Ethereum on the other hand is the most popular altcoin and even has an ETH 2.0 upgrade planned for launch by the end of this year.

Both crypto assets are significant and popular and whether you choose to invest in BTC or ETH is a matter of personal preference. However, regardless of the cryptocurrency you choose, it is essential that you use secure exchanges so you can safely invest your funds.

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