Bitcoin Mining Operations Started in Kazakhstan Already?

12:48 pm, Thu, 24 June 21

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After a strict crackdown by the Chinese Government, Bitcoin mining operations have been ceased in the country. Contrary to common belief, China’s ban on BTC has not stopped its mining, despite what many feared.

According to reports, Bitcoin miners from China have shifted to other locations around the world. One of the destinations is Kazakhstan where BTC mining has reportedly begun, thanks to Canaan.

The mining of the largest crypto asset amid an uncertain crypto market situation is both interesting and somewhat stressful, but it has grabbed the attention of many crypto enthusiasts.

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What More to Know About BTC Mining in Kazakhstan?

Canaan is the manufacturer of machines that mine Bitcoin. It is a China-based company that had been planning for quite some time to launch a crypto mining business in Kazakhstan.

After the crackdown by Chinese authorities and the banning of BTC in the country, Canaan has now started its mining operations in Kazakhstan.

Canaan also tweeted the announcement:

Kazakhstan is one of the destinations that has received quite a lot of attention from BTC miners after having to more from China. It is a suitable place to establish BTC mining facilities as it is close to China and also has one of the most affordable electricity rates in the world.

According to reports, one of Canaan’s spokesperson has stated that the company’s AvalonMiner units are already operating in Kazakhstan, although details and models of the units have not been disclosed. The spokesperson added that Canaan has partnered with the local mining companies in Kazakhstan to initiate BTC mining and full operational functionality can be expected over time.

Kazakhstan is not the only destination that could be a possible hub for Bitcoin miners. Many miners have also reportedly moved to Texas, given the support it extends towards the flagship cryptocurrency.

The successful establishment of BTC mining facilities at other destinations such as Kazakhstan, Texas and Latin America can take the digital asset to a new level. It can also indicate that China’s Bitcoin ban hasn’t really interrupted its mining operations. Instead, it is believed to be one of the best things that could happen for BTC.

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