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Bitcoin Hit New ATH As BTC Reaches $1 Trillion Market Cap


Bitcoin Hit New ATH As BTC Reaches $1 Trillion Market Cap


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Bitcoin Hit New ATH As BTC Reaches $1 Trillion Market Cap
Bitcoin Hit New ATH

The popularity of Bitcoin is undeniable and is still on the rise around the globe. We can see the online search for the “Bitcoin” keyword spiking up even as corporate organizations, institutions and banks are beginning to take major investing steps into the crypto market.

All these positive fundamentals and corporate buying power create a bullish environment for Bitcoin and the crypto market in general. This bullish bias is playing out as we speak with the Bitcoin price surging higher week after week all-through 2021.

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Crypto market a perfect asset for portfolio diversification

These returns have surpassed all other asset classes, solidifying Bitcoins’ position as a great store of value and the best asset for portfolio diversification from the U.S economy.

And with the low-interest-rate environment, we are currently experiencing in the financial world across the globe, a lot of investors are looking for new innovative ways to make bigger returns.

Bitcoin At ATH. What Next?

Bitcoin Hits $54k Target. What Next $60k or Crash?
Image from last price prediction showing Bitcoin on the 1-hour timeframe

In our previous Bitcoin analysis, we talked about the rising channel Bitcoin just broke out from as well as why the top of the channel was a key level the Bitcoin price must hold.

Bitcoin Hit New ATH As BTC Reaches $1 Trillion Market Cap
Bitcoin bullish price analsysis on the 1-hour timeframe

Well, Bitcoin has just retested and respected that level as we predicted, confirming that the bulls are still in full control of the Bitcoin price.

We can expect to see the Bitcoin price continue surging even as the demand for cryptocurrency continues increasing around the world.

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We also created a video below where we talked more in-depth about the patterns developing on the Bitcoin and Cardano chat as well as key fundamental factors that might affect the Bitcoin price in the coming days.

To gain more information on how to partake in this coming Bitcoin Bull run and trade this cryptocurrency, you can read my How To Trade Bitcoin Guide. You can also check my top list of Best Bitcoin Exchanges To Trade With


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