Bitcoin Dominance in U.S. Markets Hits 71%

5:45 am, Thu, 5 October 23

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In a surprising development, Bitcoin’s market dominance in U.S. markets surged to 71% recently, marking its highest level since October 2022. This substantial increase, surpassing the previous peak of 66% during the U.S. banking turmoil in March, has caught the attention of investors and analysts alike.

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Institutional Interest in Bitcoin Amid Global Uncertainty

This significant uptick in Bitcoin’s dominance suggests a notable shift in market sentiment, with institutional traders potentially driving the trend. Market experts speculate that institutional investors are turning to Bitcoin as a hedge against rising real yields and increasing global risk sentiment.

Positive Cumulative Volume Delta Signals Net Buying

One key indicator, Bitcoin’s cumulative volume delta (CVD), turned positive at the end of September, indicating a net increase in buying activity within the Bitcoin market. This shift might explain why Bitcoin has maintained a relatively stable price range, even after a brief dip below $25,000 in early September following FTX’s announcement of offloading $3.4 billion in crypto holdings as part of its bankruptcy proceedings.

Source : Kaiko Research

Altcoin Markets Receive Boost Ahead of ETH ETF Launch

Despite Bitcoin’s dominance, the recent injection of capital into altcoin markets is worth noting. This influx comes ahead of the highly anticipated launch of nine Ethereum (ETH) Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) in the United States. These ETH ETFs are poised to create significant excitement and investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency space, potentially leading to a temporary reversal of the recent trend favoring Bitcoin.

In conclusion, the resurgence of Bitcoin’s dominance in U.S. markets, reaching levels not seen since October 2022, suggests a notable shift in institutional interest. The positive turn in Bitcoin’s cumulative volume delta indicates increased buying pressure, potentially stabilizing its price. Meanwhile, the impending launch of ETH ETFs adds further intrigue to the evolving cryptocurrency landscape, offering diverse investment opportunities.

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