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This BaseFEX review will help you decide if this is the platform for you. Registered in Seychelles, based out of Hong Kong, and founded in 2018.

BaseFEX is a relatively new cryptocurrency exchange platform that has risen to dominance and gained popularity among crypto traders and enthusiasts.

This is because of its low fees, its numerous trade offers, and multiple account features. This makes trading with BaseFEX an easy and straightforward process for both beginners and experienced traders. 

BaseFEX is backed by blockchain, one of Chinas biggest venture capital funds and bitcoin investors. BaseFEX allows traders from all around the world to participate in trading various types of crypto derivatives. All contracts can be opened with leverage as high as 100x on its web-based trading platform.

This trading platform was created using the latest cutting-edge technology but made to look simplistic and user-friendly. This makes it easy to understand, navigate and utilize for traders at all levels.

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BaseFEX Fees

BaseFEX has a dedicated Fees page on its website that clearly outlines all fees traders are expected to be charged for depositing, withdrawing, and placing trades on the BaseFEX platform. This page also features a full list of all crypto pairs traded on the platform as well as all fees associated with them. You can easily go through this page for the full BaseFEX fees list.

BaseFEX Trading Fees

For trading fees, BaseFEX makes use of the Makers and Takers fee structure on their platform. Offering one of the lowest trading fees in the industry, BaseFX maker’s fees for almost all trades is set to 0 percent while the taker’s fees range between 0.05 percent to 0.2 percent, depending on the crypto pair you wish to trade.

Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

BaseFEX charges its clients no fees for depositing into their trading account or withdrawing from it. However, the network and mining fees for each transaction will still apply. But BaseFEX does not benefit from any of these fees. This is because these fees only go to the blockchain network you are using to carry out your deposit and withdrawals.

Discount On All Fees

BaseFEX also offers its clients a 50% discount on all fees for traders with high trading volume. To qualify for this bonus, your BaseFEX trading account must have an order value of more than $35 million USD in seven days. Once attained, all trading fees will be slashed by 50%. This gives you the ability to make more money while paying less.

BaseFEX Exchange Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The process involved in funding your BaseFEX account is pretty simple and straightforward. All you need to remember is that BaseFEX only accepts Bitcoin for its deposits, withdrawals, and all transactions on the trading platform.


If you do not have Bitcoin available, you need to head over to any popular bitcoin exchange platform in order to convert your fiat currency to Bitcoin. Once done, you can head over to the BaseFEX website where you can click on the Deposit button, copy the multi-signature wallet that gets generated and then complete your transaction by sending your BTC to the wallet address. There is no minimum deposit amount, so you can deposit any amount you want into your account.

BaseFEX Withdrawal

The BaseFEX withdrawal process is a very similar one, making it easy for traders to easily carry out withdrawal transactions with little to no help. All you need to have is a Bitcoin wallet address to where you can send your withdrawal to. Once you have your bitcoin wallet available, you can head over to the BaseFEX website, click on the withdrawal button and fill in the blank spaces. They will ask for information about; the amount you wish to withdraw and the wallet address you wish to send it to.

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Supported Currency

BaseFEX has led the way in the crypto trading industry when it comes to supported trading pairs. The derivative exchange supports the trading of a variety of crypto pairs on its platform. This gives clients numerous options to choose from. This is good for those looking for ways to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolio. The cryptocurrencies supported on the platform include BTCUSD, XRPXBT, EOSXBT, BNBXBT, OKBXBT, ATOMXBT, ETHXBT, LTCXBT, ADAXBT, HTXBT, CTXBT.

Each of these contracts has a dedicated contract specifications page. This page provides a more in-depth analysis. Like, margin requirements and information about the trading pair of choice to the traders in order to help them make more informed decisions when it comes to placing trades or choosing their lot size.  

Also, BaseFEX does not support the trading of any fiat currency, commodity, or stock on its platform. This is because the trading platform only deals with crypto derivatives trading. The reason for this is that it’s easier to operate with current regulations.

BaseFEX Exchange Leverage Trading

BaseFEX offers its traders one of the best leverages in the crypto trading industry. This leverage varies depending on the crypto pair of choice. This basically means that users can trade the Bitcoin features with leverage of 100x on the BaseFEX platform, while all other coins have leverage of 20x.

With this leverage in play, users can put up a little capital for maintaining the margin requirement needed to keep a position open. It also means users can take more trades and have more capital exposure to the market. 

However, it is also very important for you to understand the benefits and the risks involved with leverage trading before indulging in it or over-leveraging. Because even though you can make really huge returns from leveraging your trades, you can make huge losses as well or even blow your account if the market goes against you. 

In a situation where you are over-leveraged and have no free margin required to keep the position open, BaseFEX will automatically begin liquidating your position and closing your orders.

US Investors

Due to the strict regulations imposed by various regulatory bodies in the US, BaseFEX does not accept clients from the USA. However, the derivatives trading platform allows the creation of totally anonymous trading accounts on its platform making it possible for you to easily open an account on the platform without having to provide documents or undergo identity and location verification first. Check Our list of best crypto exchanges in USA.

BaseFEX Exchange Trading Platform

BaseFEX offers a sophisticated web-based platform that was created using the latest cutting-edge technology in order to ensure security, stability, and efficiency for all trading needs.

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For the desktop platform, BaseFEX made sure the interface was created to be easy to understand and navigate. There is the charting interface taking up most of the screen, while the full list of all tradeable pairs takes up the left-hand side. At the bottom of it all is the summary of all opened positions making it easy to track all positions from a single place.

The platform also allows users to place multiple types of advanced orders like:

The platform also allows users to carry out in-depth technical analysis on any pair of their choice. And for that, you can make use of the numerous built-in indicators and analysis tools present on the platform. You can also check the order history of the trading account in your data section. This includes the time and dates the positions were opened and closed as well as the profits and losses obtained from the position. This historical information can be very useful to you if you are looking for ways to improve your strategy and limit your losers. 


BaseFEX also has a custom-built mobile trading app that allows its users to trade while on the go. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. The mobile app can be downloaded from the google play store and the iPhone app store for free.

The app allows users to place new orders, close running positions, monitor their running trades, and complete other forms of transactions on the platform.

Trading Charts/Trading View

BaseFEX provides charting features to its numerous clients with the use of trading views. This chart offers users a wide range of options to choose from. Like, picking the right timeframe, chart type as well as technical tools for their style of trading.

The chart also allows users to customize the look and feel to suit their trading needs and preference. All active positions, margins, P&L as well as traded pairs are all displayed in real-time at the bottom of the chart. This makes it possible to monitor all open positions from one place.

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Security and Safety

BaseFEX takes its platform security very seriously and over the years has incorporated numerous checks and balances into its platform in order to ensure the safety of its client’s funds and its trading platform. Some of the security checks it as incorporated include:

In order to protect client’s funds from hacks, BaseFEX stores all of its assets in offline multi-signature cold wallets. These wallets require the availability of all keys from the signatories in order to access the funds.

BaseFEX carries out manual auditing of all withdrawal requests made on its platform in order to ensure all requests are made from an authentic source. This way, users can rest assured that their accounts will not get hacked or emptied illegally.

BaseFEX has also implemented an insurance system on all client’s funds, protecting them from any market disruptions or sharp drops in value. This way, clients can rest assured that their accounts are not exposed to the volatility regularly experienced in the crypto market.

BaseFEX offers its users the option to activate the 2-factor authentication method on their new account. With this authentication method in place, you can easily get notified whenever anyone wants to carry out any form of financial transaction on your account. It will also require you to confirm withdrawal requests made on your account thereby adding that extra layer of security. 

The BaseFEX web-based trading platform was created using some of the latest cutting-edge technology in web development. The technology ensures that the platform is protected from all forms of cyber-attacks, errors, and loss in communication.

Customer Support

BaseFEX provides customers with a team of highly trained and professional customer support members. The team is always on standby and available 24/7 to render support and assistance to all your needs. This support team can be contacted via email, Telegram, and Twitter. However, at the time of writing this review, BaseFEX does not offer customer support over the phone.

BaseFEX also offers a FAQ’s page that provides users with an in-depth answer to some of the most common questions and problems faced on the platform. There is also an educational page that informs and teaches users how to trade using the BaseFEX platform as well as the meaning of various terms and basic margin requirements needed to open a position and keep the position open.  

BaseFEX Review Conclusion

Although BaseFEX is still a relatively new trading platform, it is blazing the trails and leading the way on how derivatives trading is being done. It provides clients with an easy-to-use platform and is offering numerous crypto pairs for trading. Moreover, BaseFEX is providing high leverage and very low and competitive trading fees. BasFEX is gradually becoming an industry giant and a force to be reckoned with in the crypto trading industry.

So, if you are looking for a derivative platform with very low fees, high liquidity, a dedicated and transparent team, and a platform that offers numerous options to choose from when it comes to tradable crypto pairs. BaseFEX might be the right crypto derivatives trading platform for you.

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