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Argentina’s Government Officially Allows Contracts to be Settled with Bitcoin



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Government Endorses Bitcoin, Marking a Turning Point in Economic Policy

  • Argentina’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Diana Mondino, announces on Twitter the formal acceptance of Bitcoin for contractual agreements.
  • President Javier Milei’s measures to deregulate the struggling economy align with the government’s endorsement of Bitcoin.
  • Legal implications arise with Art 766, sparking speculation on broader cryptocurrency adoption and the need for implementation details.


Argentina, a nation grappling with economic challenges, has taken a groundbreaking step in embracing the use of Bitcoin for contractual agreements. This development was officially announced through a post on X by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Diana Mondino, signaling a significant shift in the country’s approach to financial transactions.

The Argentine economy has long faced severe challenges, marked by decades of debt and financial mismanagement. In response to this crisis, President Javier Milei has introduced a series of measures aimed at deregulating the economy. The importance of these measures is underscored by the fact that inflation has exceeded 160 percent year-on-year, with 40 percent of Argentines living in poverty.

In a groundbreaking move, Minister Mondino declared on Twitter, “We ratify and confirm that in Argentina contracts can be agreed in Bitcoin. And also any other crypto and/or species such as kilos of steer or litres of milk.” This bold statement not only endorses the use of Bitcoin but also expresses the government’s readiness to formalize contracts denominated in cryptocurrencies.

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Legal Implications and President Milei’s Stance on Bitcoin

The legal landscape in Argentina sees a transformative moment with the mention of Art 766. This article stipulates the obligation of the debtor to deliver the designated amount in the chosen currency, irrespective of its status as legal tender. However, the finer details of implementing these changes remain uncharted territory.

President Milei’s positive stance on Bitcoin has been evident since his campaign for the presidential election. He boldly criticized the central bank as a “scam” and lauded Bitcoin as a means to prevent politicians from exploiting citizens through inflation. The connection between Milei’s convictions and the government’s endorsement of Bitcoin for contracts is a testament to the shifting narrative in Argentina’s economic policies.

Ms. Mondino’s announcement marks a crucial step towards legitimizing Bitcoin as a recognized means of conducting formal agreements in Argentina. This development sparks speculation on the potential broader adoption of cryptocurrencies within the country. However, the road to legitimizing Bitcoin still requires further clarification on implementation details to fully understand its implications.


Economic Context and Future Implications for Argentina

Against the backdrop of economic turmoil, Argentina faces soaring inflation rates and a significant portion of its population living in poverty. The recent measures introduced by President Milei, coupled with the government’s endorsement of Bitcoin for contracts, could potentially reshape the economic landscape.

The newfound acceptance of Bitcoin in formal agreements holds potential benefits for citizens and businesses alike. It remains to be seen how these changes will impact the economic trajectory of Latin America’s third-largest economy. As Argentina takes this bold step, attention will be keenly focused on the outcomes and whether it becomes a model for other nations navigating economic challenges.

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