Are you Thinking of Selling Your Bitcoin? Read This Before You Do

7:26 am, Mon, 21 June 21

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Bitcoin is the largest crypto asset in the world with controversies and skepticism surrounding it for years. While many people have been supporting the flagship crypto asset, there have been others with a different point of view.

Regardless, if you have been thinking of selling your BTC considering the recent ups and downs in its value, think again. According to MicroStrategy CEO, Michael Saylor, there is a good reason why people should not sell their Bitcoin.

Instead, people who have been planning on purchasing it can use secure exchanges such as SwissBorg exchange or Kraken exchange and easily invest in the flagship crypto. Novice parties can also start crypto trading and use PrimeXBT Covesting, which is one of the best crypto exchanges for beginners.

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What is Michael Saylor’s Assessment Towards BTC?

Despite being compared to a bubble that is about to burst, Bitcoin is still the top crypto asset in the market and is likely to remain so. According to reports, BTC reached $1 trillion, which was twice as fast as Amazon and three times faster than Apple.

Michael Saylor, one of the most prominent supporters of Bitcoin recently tweeted and highlighted the significance of the digital asset. He stated that there is an underlying need for the crypto asset, which is not fully understood by people yet, which is very similar to what happened with Apple.

He tweeted:

Saylor compared the growth of Apple and Bitcoin and highlighted the parallels of a massive surge in both assets. 10 years ago, the market capitalization of Apple was around $300 billion, whereas now it is calculated to be around $2 trillion.

Similarly, Saylor emphasized the impressive surge in BTC’s price, which was seen since the digital asset set out. According to reports, the largest amount of Bitcoin is owned by MicroStrategy, which is around 91,326. Considering the success of both assets that were initially underrated, a further surge in BTC’s price can be anticipated. Therefore, if you have yet to invest in the digital asset you can use secure exchanges and purchase it.

Another popular venture capitalist, Tim Draper, also shared a list of the top 10 most valuable companies on Reddit and tweeted about it. According to the list BTC is at #1 while Apple is at #10.

Crypto enthusiasts have also been wondering if Apple will soon adopt BTC as Apple Pay now supports BTC payments.

Jennifer Bailey, the Vice President of Apple Pay also spoke about the crypto asset in a recent interview and stated:

We’re watching cryptocurrency … We think it’s interesting. We think it has interesting long-term potential.”

Why Should you Hold your BTC or Purchase if you Haven’t Already?

There have been fluctuations noted in the price of the flagship crypto asset, however, it is not something new. This is why most of the long-term BTC investors did not sell the crypto asset even when its price was dangerously low in May.

The entire crypto market is volatile and investing in any crypto asset involves risk. However, BTC has a significant value, which is likely to increase with time as more and more individuals and companies start investing in it. The adoption of the top crypto asset by different countries and organizations is also likely to increase after El Salvador’s adoption of BTC as a legal tender.

Therefore, if you own BTC it is beneficial that you hodle it, based on the factors mentioned above.

However, if you have been planning to invest in it, then you can use trustworthy exchanges such as SwissBorg or Kraken and purchase it easily.

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