90% of All Bitcoin Supply Didn’t Move in the Last 3 Months: Report


How Bitcoin’s HODL Waves Indicator Reveals a Pivotal Phase in Cryptocurrency Market Dynamics

  • Nearly 90% of Bitcoin supply hasn’t moved in the last three months, a remarkable statistic compared to previous cycles.
  • Late investors from the previous bull market are holding onto their Bitcoin, waiting for the cryptocurrency bull market to take off.
  • The behavior of 2-3 year HODLers may be the early sign of a mature bull market, but the market’s future remains uncertain.

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The recent surge in Bitcoin’s price has sparked curiosity about the cryptocurrency market’s future. To shed light on this, we turn to on-chain analysis and the HODL Waves indicator, which reveals essential insights into Bitcoin’s current status. Let’s dive straight into this indicator and its significant findings.

The HODL Waves indicator is a valuable tool that helps us comprehend the dynamics of Bitcoin’s supply. It categorizes the age of Bitcoin in different bands and visualizes the movement of coins over time. Younger coins are represented in red, while older ones appear purple. This indicator changes the color of coins based on their movement, reflecting their age. 

Now, onto the intriguing discoveries. Almost 90% of Bitcoin’s supply has remained static for the last three months, as revealed by the HODL Waves indicator. This is a remarkable statistic, especially when compared to previous market cycles. During the previous cycle bottom in December 2018, 83.5% of Bitcoin hadn’t moved for over three months. In the cycle before that, it reached a historic all-time high of 85.6% in July 2015.

So why are investors holding onto their Bitcoin for dear life? Late investors from the previous bull market have chosen to HODL their assets, despite the all-time high of $69,000 in November 2021. They are patiently waiting for the cryptocurrency bull market to truly take off. Their actions in previous cycles often marked the beginning of a mature bull market.

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Realized Cap HODL Waves and 2-3 Year HODLers

Realized Cap HODL Waves is another insightful metric we can use to gauge market cycles. This chart divides the HODL Waves indicator by the realized price, giving us a fresh perspective. It shows that a mature bull market typically witnesses a sharp rise in the red and orange age bands of Bitcoin coins. Conversely, the bear market is characterized by the dominance of yellow bands and declines in red bands.

Within this landscape, one particular age band stands out – the light green band. This band represents coins that haven’t moved for 2-3 years. These investors were latecomers to the previous bull market, held onto their Bitcoin throughout the bear market, and did not book profits. 

When we isolate this cohort of 2-3 year HODLers, a pattern emerges. Historically, their actions have signaled the start of a mature bull market. The surge in holders in this 2-3 year band has taken place after the accumulation phase, following a macro bottom in Bitcoin’s price. If this pattern holds now, it could indicate a gradual climb in Bitcoin’s price, characteristic of an early bull market.

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Final Thoughts and Implications

Tthe HODL Waves indicator paints a compelling picture of Bitcoin’s current status. With almost 90% of Bitcoin’s supply unmoved for the last three months and the behavior of 2-3 year HODLers, we may be witnessing the early signs of a mature bull market.

The implications are significant. The cryptocurrency market remains in a state of anticipation, driven by factors like the potential Bitcoin ETF approval and the upcoming halving. As these HODLers keep a firm grip on their assets, it raises questions about the timing of the next market surge.

Are these HODLers onto something, or will they eventually give in and sell? The market’s future hangs in the balance, and the actions of these steadfast investors may very well hold the key to what lies ahead in the world of Bitcoin.

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