Bitcoin Price Climbs Back up Over $45k and Looks for Support


As Bitcoin Surges, Experts Weigh In on ETF Approval, Election Year Trends, and Altcoin Reactions

  • Bitcoin exhibits resilience, reaching $45,925 before a mild pullback to $45,000, showcasing its strength amid market fluctuations.
  • Matrixport’s Markus Thielen anticipates institutional participation, emphasizing potential consequences of limited Bitcoin availability on exchanges.
  • Traders shift focus to Bitcoin amidst ETF anticipation, impacting altcoins. Overall cryptocurrency market stands at $1.72 trillion with Bitcoin dominance at 51.1%.

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In 2024, the cryptocurrency market continues its upward trajectory. Against the backdrop of anticipation for the approval of the first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) by January 10, a snapshot of the broader financial markets reveals varied performances. While stocks faced pressure after ending the previous year near record highs, attention remains on the cryptocurrency space.

Bitcoin experienced a notable surge, catapulting its price to $45,925. However, mild profit-taking ensued, leading to a pullback to the $45,000 support level. This price action as shown on coinmarketcap underscores the resilience of Bitcoin amidst market fluctuations. The cryptocurrency’s ability to maintain the $45,000 support is closely watched by investors and analysts alike as it navigates through short-term market dynamics.

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Expert Perspectives and Predictions

Markus Thielen, Head of Research at Matrixport, provides insights into the potential repercussions of a spot BTC ETF approval. Anticipating institutional investors’ active participation, Thielen emphasizes their pivotal role in shaping market trends. Of particular concern is the risk associated with limited Bitcoin availability on exchanges, potentially influencing market dynamics and trading behavior.

Thielen’s historical analysis of Bitcoin during election years reveals a noteworthy trend, with average returns of +192%. As the market braces for potential ETF approval, Thielen highlights the sustained elevation of the Bitcoin funding rate during the holiday period. His predictions include a scarcity of sellers, contributing to the possibility of a significant price spike in the coming weeks.

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Altcoin Market Reactions and Overall Market Snapshot

As the ETF anticipation grips the market, a majority of tokens in the top 200 record losses. Traders pivot towards Bitcoin, amplifying its prominence. Notable performers amid this shift include SKALE, Astar, and Maker, experiencing gains, while Tellor, Helium Mobile, and Optimism face losses. This dynamic emphasizes the dominance of Bitcoin as the focal point of market activity.

The overall cryptocurrency market boasts a total market cap of $1.72 trillion, with Bitcoin maintaining a dominance rate of 51.1%. In summary, Bitcoin’s resilience and upward trajectory, coupled with the market’s response to potential ETF approval, paint a picture of a cryptocurrency landscape poised for continued evolution in 2024. Investors and enthusiasts closely monitor these developments as the market navigates the intricate balance between traditional and digital financial ecosystems.

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